Glyco 6 (Glycolic Acid Cream ) is a strong acne treatment cream formulation containing 6% glycolic acid for your skin in a thick base. It reduces dark or brown spots, marks, patches, and other discolorations and smoothes out pitted scarring to a large extent. The cream keeps the pores unclogged so that no further breakouts can occur. It also speeds up the healing of acne.

Glyco 6 Cream30 G ( Glycolic Acid)

  • For the treatment of Acne:

    Though it has a thick consistency, it is easily spreadable and gets absorbed into the skin within seconds. The cream has a greasy texture, which turns the face shiny. Hence, it is better to avoid during daylight. However, regular usage of this cream at night can actually give you the desired results.

      It has a high percentage of glycolic acid, which offers excellent chemical exfoliation to help you get rid of dead cells. Consequently, the skin becomes brighter and more even-toned over time.


     Cleanse your skin thoroughly and let it dry completely before using the cream. You must wait for 15-20 minutes in between cleansing the skin and applying the product. Then, gently apply the cream on the affected areas.

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