Careprost ® (Bimatoprost)

Careprost eyelash serum is created help those stubborn brittle and short eyelashes, resulting in even longer, thicker, stronger and healthier in as little as four to eight weeks.

Careprost  is an ophthalmic solution used to lower the pressure built within the eye and is known as intraocular pressure (IOP). Careprost is used to treat glaucoma that is caused when fluid (aqueous humor) is build up in the eye. The increase in IOP can lead to the optic nerve fibres which may cause a gradual loss of sight. Careprost 0.03% can increase the drainage of aqueous fluid out of the eye causing a decrease in IOP and preventing loss of sight. These eyelash growth products also help in treating ocular hypertension to lower IOP. They also help in treating hypotrichosis that can be possibly caused due to abnormal eyelash growth. So, they help the consumer to grow longer and thicker eyelashes.

Careprost-Bimatoprost- (Generic Latisse)


    • Wash your hands thoroughly to clean them
    • Clean your face also with the help of a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup remains
    • Remove any eye makeup too, if any.
    • Do not forget to remove your contact lenses(if any) before applying the Careprost solution
    • Take an eyeliner brush or an applicator which is easily available in the market and apply a small drop of the solution on it.
    • Use the brush to apply Careprost on the upper eyelashes of one eye, then repeat with the other
    • Wipe off any remains nearby the eye area using a tissue paper or cotton.
    • Apply this solution daily before going to bed.

     Use the product untill you receive the desired length of eyelashes, it will take approx 4 months time to gain beautiful lashes. Once you receive the desired length of your lashes you can reduce the use of this product to three times a week. 

     With regular applications along the lash line of the upper eyelid, Latisse gradually encourages growth of longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. Careprost isn't meant to be applied to the lower eyelid.

     For full results, you must use the medication daily for at least two months. Eyelash improvements remain as long as you continue to use the medication. When you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will eventually return to their original appearance.

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